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Jerry’s House supports children and young people, who live with a chronic health condition, disability, mental health issue or abusive past.

This evidence-based approach will enable creativity, humour and comedy to be aligned to real needs and offer real opportunities for children and young people to reframe their difficult life experiences.


The therapeutic benefits of laughter, fun, play and creativity will be tested, offering health, disability and education service providers the opportunity to adopt new techniques and access new facilities to complement their important work.

The Jerry's House Outdoor Mobile Unit is host to an array of fun and educational 

interactive activites, deliving the "Healing Through Laughter" initiative. This mobile activity space facilitates outdoor movies, interactive and educational gaming, performance and workshop spaces.


  • Create evidence-based techniques that utilises humor and comedy to foster creativity and provide therapeutic, educational and social benefits to children and young people

  • Develop new ideas in collaboration with research partners, including universities and health professionals

  • Deliver Jerry’s House in partnership with disability, health, and education service providers

  • Establish a flagship Jerry's House Centre


Jerry’s House will be researched, developed, tested, piloted and delivered in the following types of locations :

     •   Health and disability service providers 

     •   Community centres

     •   Hospitals and medical facilities

     •   Educational settings

     •   Rehabilitation centres

     •   Flagship Jerry’s House Centre

     •   In-home care

The portable Happy Suitcases are a mobile kit designed for easy transport and delivery of the Jerry's House "Healing Through Laughter" initiative. The Laughter Teams may use these kits when visiting medical centres, hospital community spaces, in homes and general service provider locations.


Flagship Jerry’s House Centres will act as ‘Laughter Laboratories’, researching, developing and piloting new humour-based therapies. They will also deliver training to staff from other health and disability service providers who will run Jerry’s House techniques and use Jerry’s House facilities.

Jerry’s House initiatives developed in Australia will be available to children and young people in other countries including the United States. Initiatives will be delivered by local health and disability service provider partners. 

Flagship Jerry’s House Centres are planned to be established in both Australia and the United States.