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"Jerry’s House is comedy, humour and play. It is designed to bring joy, fun and laughter into the healing process for children and young people challenged by an illness or their environment.

It is supported by research that demonstrates how health is positively affected by humour, laughter and joy."

Jerry Lewis

In 2010 a young precocious 7 year old boy, Lochie Graham, met Jerry Lewis, an 84 year old Hollywood legend, and shared his idea for Jerry’s House. Jerry Lewis, who has dedicated most of his life to ensure children with disabilities receive the best care, thought creating a place for support and healing through laughter was a brilliant way to help "Jerry's Kids".

A big idea in the humble form of a child's drawing touches the heart and legacy of Jerry Lewis' unparalleled legacy to give. A relationship is formed between the two and Jerry's House was born.

Jerry's House is a place that the most vulnerable and traumatized children can go whether it is environmental, social, physical or emotional trauma through family, community or illness.

Jerry's House is a place where these individuals can be taught the powers of comedy and humor to change their perspective and or heal themselves and the world around them.