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Jerry Lewis

"Jerry’s House is comedy, humour and play. It is designed to bring joy, fun and laughter into the healing process for children and young people challenged by an illness or their environment.

It is supported by research that demonstrates how health is positively affected by humour, laughter and joy."

Jerry signed

Jerry Lewis

For 10 years now Jerry’s House has been about spreading the positive power of laughter. In 2010 our then young and precocious 7-year-old founder, Lochie Graham, met his idol Jerry Lewis, legendary comedian and Hollywood star. Lochie shared his idea for Jerry’s House, a place where kids suffering from trauma could learn to laugh and play. 


Jerry Lewis, who had dedicated most of his life to ensuring children with disabilities received the best care, thought creating a place for support and healing through laughter was a brilliant way to help "Jerry's Kids". A way to continue “The King Of Comedy’s” unparalleled legacy of fundraising and giving. 


A simple drawing sent by Lochie led to a meeting, a partnership was formed and between the two Jerry's House was sparked into existence!


Jerry's House now exists for vulnerable and traumatised children everywhere. Regardless of their circumstances, experiences, and how the trauma is caused, Jerry's House teaches children the power of comedy and humour to help them change their perspective and aid the healing process.


 Jerry Lewis has a long legacy of laughter and giving, and Jerry’s House is how his legacy continues today!

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