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Did you know Jerry’s House hosts an array of events in order to bring the healing power of laughter to as many people as possible? Events such as Comedy Shows, Laughter Days, Schools Programs, Children’s Hospital events, and the Legionnaires of Laughter awards gala all help to grow awareness and resources, and ensure children challenged by a chronic health condition, disability, mental health issue or abusive past receive the best care possible. Find out more about what’s coming up below!


To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the inception of Jerry's House we launched a new initiative called Laughter Day. It’s a day for individuals, workplaces, schools and communities to celebrate laughter by doing activities that make people laugh. It’s about getting involved with your peers and learning how laughter heals and brings us together!

Contact us to find out more about how you can host your very own Laughter Day event!

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Jerry’s House works with medical centres and hospital staff to bring the healing power of laughter to children in a variety of ways. Through partnerships with other humour therapy organisations like clown doctors, we provide our trademark Happy Suitcases and Laughter Chests full of funny toys through fun events that don’t just end with a laugh but ensure that laughter continues long after the event is over.

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RAOL makes people laugh and raises much-needed funds for Jerry's House. But we do it mostly because we believe in the power of laughter to bring people together! 


So how does it work? Film yourself doing something hilarious, use the hashtag #RAOL and tag 3 friends in it to challenge them to do their own random act of laughter. Check out the #RAOL page to find out more and get involved.


You know how much we love laughter right? Well, we also love those who create it and think they should be rewarded for it, literally! Legionnaires of Laughter is a collective group of the worlds best comedians, comedic actors and writers who are the best at what they do in the word. Hand selected by Jerry Lewis before his passing to carry on the Legacy.  

The Legionnaires of Laughter Legacy Awards is a special event being planned in New York City to honour comedy in all its forms. It recognises comic actors, writers, artists and entertainers whose work has touched lives and brought healing smiles to audiences around the world.

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