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Exciting programs are in the works for Jerry's House. See who is joining Jerry Lewis' Legionnaires in support of his life long legacy ensuring children challenged by a chronic health condition, disability, mental health issue or abusive past receive the best care possible. 

Find out more about the event here!


A team of comedians come together to spread kindness through laughter.


A special event is underway in New York City to honor a select group of the most influential and successful world renowned comedians, comic actors, writers, artists and entertainers whose work has touched lives bringing healing smiles to audiences around the world. Check back regularly and read about what these world famous legends in the entertainment world are saying about Jerry’s house and the healing power of laughter.

To see how you can get involved - become a sponsor or a partner today. Enquire more here.


Like the ice bucket challenge objective was to raise money and awareness for ALS, Random Acts of Laughter (RAOL) would like to use this principle to raise money and awareness for Jerry's House.


The purpose of the Random Acts of Laughter campaign is to raise the awareness of the importance of laughter in everyone's life. That laughter has the power to heal the world. That laughter is an important part of our human existence. That laughter can be shared to not only increase joy in our lives but to also break the barriers of society.  Laughter heals. Laughter does not discriminate. It is the one thing that we all have in common. No matter your race, religion, disability or your sexual orientation, laughter brings people together.

So what do you do?

Film yourself doing something hilarious, use #RAOL and tag 3 friends in it.
( You can do it on your own or in a group. )
Then share it on social media and Donate to Jerry's House!


We want the world to laugh again!