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They are high participation sessions ensuring students are involved, strengthen relationships, conquer fear, build resilience, work through and breakdown aspects of mental health issues and all the while they are laughing their heads off. Not literally of course. Students will learn about the science of laughter, it's benefits, and the positive effect it has on their mental health and personal well-being. Recent school programs have included a photo booth, jumping castle, stalls with novelty toys and funny foods, funny dress ups, jokes, skits and improv comedy taught by professional comedian and actor Paul Moore (Winners and Losers, Neighbours, Rostered On).

There are also teachers guides, one-day workshops, annual Laughter Day festivities and class adaptations on how to insert laughter into your class structure to enhance attention and engagement, and how teachers can better relate to students at different age brackets, stages and through tough times.  

Contact us to find out how Jerry’s House can bring the healing power of laughter to your school!

07 Laughter Day
05 Laughter Day
08 Laughter Day
06 Laughter Day
03 Laughter Day setup
02 Tintern Grammar
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