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I have spent most of my life doing all I can to ensure children and young people who live with a disability have the best possible care.

So when I met Lochie Graham in 2010 to talk over his Jerry’s House idea, my natural response was: Let’s do it for my kids! Your support for Jerry’s House project and Lochie Graham (its creator) will offer wonderful possibilities for children and young people in desperate need of support.

Jerry Lewis and Lochie Graham
talk over plans for Jerry’s House (2010)


As a foster brother to over 80 kids, it seems to me that every child’s world is better when they can laugh – despite the horrible things in their life! I thought of Jerry’s House so that children can experience laughter and joy in all its forms, which I know can help them face whatever comes their way.

Jerry’s House is named after Jerry Lewis, one of the greatest comedians ever and my hero. I’m honoured that Jerry wants my idea to come to life. Thanks for believing in the power of humour, too.
(Lochie, 2015)


Jerry opened my eyes to the support kids need some 25 years ago when I attended his Muscular Dystrophy Telethon in LA. From that day onward, all I need to do is think about what kids in need go through day to day and I know that my problems are very minor compared to theirs.

Children are our future & we need to support them in what ever way we can.