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#RAOL Campaign!

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The purpose of the Random Acts of Laughter campaign is to raise the awareness of the importance of Laughter in everyone's life. That laughter has the power to heal the world. That laughter is an important part of our human existence. That laughter can be shared to not only increase joy in our lives but to also break the barriers of society.  Laughter heals. Laughter does not discriminate. It is the one thing that we all have in common. No matter your race, religion, disability or your sexual orientation, laughter brings people together.

Like the ice bucket challenge objective was to raise money and awareness for ALS, RAOL would like to use it's principles to raise money and awareness for Jerry's House. www.jerryshouse.org

Jerry's House is comedy, humour and play. It is designed to bring joy, fun and laughter into the healing process for children and young people challenged by an illness or their environment. It is supported by research that demonstrates how health is positively affected by humour, laughter and joy.


So what do you do? 


Film yourself doing something hilarious, use #RAOL and tag 3 friends in it. 
( You can do it on your own or in a group. ) 
Then share it on social media and Donate to Jerry's House!


We want the world to laugh again!


Your RAOL must:
Not scare anyone.
Not hurt and insult anyone.
Be family friendly.
Inject laughter to those around you.
Be legal and safe!


NOW film, tag #RAOL, Share & Donate..... GO!