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Meet Marty and his wizard friends, they are a cheeky bunch. They're gathered in his bedroom, casting spells and having lunch.

Remember when we proved girls fart? It was just as we had guessed. Fairy flumps and mermaid trumps, the princess toot was best!

I've been thinking about that, said Sam, who swivelled in his seat. We followed girls and animals, but our test was incomplete.

We didn't learn if adults fart! More research should be done. What if teachers let off gas? What about your Mum?

And so begins the hilarious, stinky sequel about how Ethan and his rag-tag group of friends start a new hunt for a mum that farts! Filled with funny scenes, smelfies, dog toots and more, this title is sure to delight kids.

Mums Don't Fart Okay - Lisa Regan

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