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Now though, Alfie's a big boy. He's all grown up and cool. He can brush his teeth and tie his shoes and even goes to school.

Alfie's learned to use the loo, and loves to make it flush. He's always sure to wash his hands, even in a rush.

While Alfie has been growing up, his family, too, has grown. He has gained a little sister with bad habits of her own.

This terror is called Heidi and she's always in a mess. Just where those dirty marks came from is anybody's guess.

And so begins the hilarious, rhythmic tale about a little boy who has learned from his pooey ways, but now must convince his little sister to do the same! With fun rhyming text perfectly paired with a unique illustration style, this book is sure to be a winner!

Peek A Boo Poo! Number 2 - Lisa Regan

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