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Have a hearty laugh as you watch your friends panic. Because it's just a prank folks! Creep your friends out by gently placing a slimy worm on their neck. Enjoy their priceless reaction when you place a fake dog poo on their laptop. This set contains 13 such traditional pranks and jokes that will certainly crack you up.

13 traditional pranks and jokes Includes: 
Fake dog poo  /  Whoopee cushion  /  Nail Through finger prank  /  2 creepy Cockroaches  /  2 fake flys  /  Slimy worm  /  Water ring  /  Snapping chewing gum  /  A soft pencil  /  Candy box trick  /  Insect in Ice  /  Slimy booger  /  Candy bag

Warning: Choking hazard. Small parts. Follow usage instructions carefully. Suitable for 3+ years.

Pranks & Jokes Box

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