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Dress up for a party or just because you can with this fun Whoopie Costume!


The costume is of a one-size-fits-all design. The adult-sized Whoopie Costume can easily accommodate an adult of the following size: between 5"7" to 6"3" in height; a chest circumference between 42" to 48"; and, a waist size between 35" to 41".


The comical Whoopie cushion costume is a one piece outfit made from poly foam. The top is open above the head and there is a large cut out for the face and arms, and an opening for both legs. The whoopie cushion has a printed design on the front.

The round, light-colored, hooded costume will draw everyone"s attention. Your face fits in a large cut-out in the whoopee cushion"s noisemaker flap and the costume hangs just past the waist. This soft material and design leaves the wearer free to move about and sit or stand without any restriction.

Whoopee Cushion Costume

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